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Bryans Data Programming
Bryans Data Programming
Bryans Data Programming
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Disaster Recovery

The emergency exits are here, here and here!


No matter how many times you fly on a plane you are asked to pay close attention as you are taken through the safety ....[cont'd]

Computer Help, Advice, Support and Assistance
What are you looking for when you need help with your computer?
  • A Friendly Service?
  • Support?
  • Impartial Advice and Assista....[cont'd]
Seminars and Workshops

Here at BDP we have new conference room facilities from which we run relevant seminars and workshops to give you extra information that can make a lot of difference. The sessions ru....[cont'd]



April 2014 End of the Road for Windows XP
January Newsletter 2015
July 2015 Windows 10 is upon us!
October 2012 Five, Four, Three...
September 2012 When your Broadband Connection Goes \'West\'!
August 2012 Programming - \'Back to Our Roots\'
July 2012 Adapting Our Services to an Unusual Request
May 2012 Microsoft Cracks Down on Licensing Abuse
March 2012 999 Which Emergency Service Do You Require?
February 2012 - Maintaining A Strong Business Through 2012
January 2012 - Building Your Business in 2012 on Rock Solid Foundations
December 2011 How to Spot an email Containing a Virus/Spyware Threat
November 2011 It\'s Time To Move on Again!
September 2011 The Case of The Disappearing Ink!
August 2011 Attention Webmail Users You Really Should Read This!
July 2011 Part 2: Our Attitude towards Change. The Relationship between Man and Computers
June 2011 The Relationship between Man and Computers
May 2011 Significantly Improve Your Wireless Connection Signal
May 2011 edition of our BDP Newsletter. Steve offers his expert impartial advice on boosting wireless connection signals.
He discusses security issues connected with virus and spyware and also offers tips in our popul....[cont'd]
April 2011 The Newsletters are back from Vacation
August 2010 What\'s all this Twittering About?
  In August Steve just couldn't stop Twittering! Although he leaves space for the popular hints and tips section and also a bit of light hearted entertainment. ....[cont'd]
July 2010 Now a Good Time to Buy?
  July 2010 brought our readers new offers and tips before the pending VAT increase.....[cont'd]
June 2010 Seminars Get off to a Flying Start
  Our June 2010 edition offers lots of 'how to' tips and advice. With special focus in the business corner on e-mails. ....[cont'd]
March 2010 20 Years of Bryan\'s Data Programming in Business
  The first part of this months newsletter pays tribute to Bryan's Data Programming on their 20th Anniversary! Steve also discusses Windows 7, Windows Live and highlights the latest scams doing the rounds. ....[cont'd]
July 2009 Seminars and Information, Why Not Join Us in the Autumn
  Steve discusses his opinion on one of the most successful Microsoft products and offers general news about Vista and Windows 7.....[cont'd]
May 2009 Taking Security More Seriously
  Touching on the subjects 'close to home' where security has been threatened or breached Steve talks about how you can protect yourself. He explains the tricks hackers use and offers a review of our popular software package 'Claim Minder.'....[cont'd]
April 2009 MAC vs PC
Steve comentates on the fight between MAC vs PC! Whilst offering information and advice about the security issues linked to social networking sites and more...
March 2009 Your Computer in the Current Recession
  This month Steve addresses the issues faced by the unemployed and employers during the credit crunch. He offers money saving tips concerning your computer and advice about social networking, updating your AVG and more.....[cont'd]
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I will most certainly, and without hesitation, recommend you to all my friends, should they ever have the need of an excellent source of expertise, politeness and friendliness.
A real pleasure to know that you're "there" should I ever need help. by Keith Frettsome

I am a home user of Bryan's Data Programming. I was introduced to your company when a much larger and more well known company had no idea what was wrong with my PC. What impressed me about your company was the depth of knowledge of the staff combined with a friendly and efficient service. But what was even better was the price! Your services are incredibly good value for money for home users. When my PC threw a wobbly for its second time in its short life, I knew where to take it. Sure enough, the problem was quickly solved. Would I take it anywhere else in the future? Definitely not! by Scott Atkins

I am truly delighted with the service Bryan's Data Programming have provided me. Fast, professional, and up to date - great! by Joe Parsons

It is a pleasure to do business with such an efficient, friendly company. by John Smith