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Bryans Data Programming
Bryans Data Programming
Bryans Data Programming
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Computer Help, Advice, Support and Assistance
What are you looking for when you need help with your computer?
  • A Friendly Service?
  • Support?
  • Impartial Advice and Assista....[cont'd]
Seminars and Workshops

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Computer Help, Advice, Support and Assistance

What are you looking for when you need help with your computer?
  • A Friendly Service?
  • Support?
  • Impartial Advice and Assistance?
  • Help when Purchasing Computer Hardware or Software?
 As a computer user there are oftentimes when you come accross a minor problem that stops you completing the task you set out to complete! This can cause unlimited amounts of stress and frustration making you want to throw the whole computer out the window! All you need is a bit of practical independent impaticial help and assistance to move forward. You may feel a little silly, foolish or even awkward asking the question but the bottom line is that you need some help to get round this computing error! We can help you, with over 20 years expirrience in computing we are offering our services to give you a 'helping hand.'
For just 25.00 pounds + VAT. We will come to you (1) and give you up to 2 hours of time to support you using your PC in any way you want. (2) In addition you can call us Monday to Friday during normal working hours to clarify anything discussed or raise any new issues with us without further charge for a full week after we have visited you.
Can we answer all questions?
Computing changes and grows at an extremely fast rate and shows no sign of letting up. Every day a new programme or development takes the use of computers into new and exciting areas. In short no one person or organization can come close to knowing everything or be able to solve all computer problems. We look upon ourselves as general practitioners in IT. We have a good rounded knowledge in many of the areas that the home user and small business user is likely to be involved in. We hope to provide a service that instils confidence in you the user. Where we don't know the answers we will say so, but still try to help move you forward from where you are. We have a network of associates in the industry that we ourselves can turn to if we get stuck.
What sort of things are covered?
Here are a few items from a list that could be as long as you like, of what we think you would like some help with:
  • How do i make the icons larger so I can see them easier?
  • I only use the Internet occasionally, is broadband worth it?
  • My PC seems slower than it used to?
  • Can I upgrade my PC?
  • Which is the best printer to buy?
We want to help you get the most out of your computer. Although we offer a full and comprehensive service ranging from supplying, installing, networking, repairing and even programming, this very special offer is all about helping you understand your computer better. Better understanding of your computer leads to less problems and certainly less frustration. In the allotted time you can bring up as many queries as you have.
Grey Areas
The more software specific your question and the more off main stream your software is, the less likely we will be able to solve your problems. This does not mean we are unwilling to help you. On the positive side, most Windows based products have many common features and are often intuitive. If the help and literature is easily available we may still be able to help you. The more general your query the more likely we will be able to solve your problem.
Making sure we are efficient
To make full use of this helping hand service you are invited to submit your list of questions and queries before we arrive. The bottom line is this: If we have not provided any useful information to help you move forward we will not charge you.
(1) If you live outside a 10-mile radius of our office we may make a charge for travel.
(2) Offer open to genuine home computer users and small business users that operate a maximum of 3 computers. We do offer support to other computer users but you would need to call us on 0121 709 1010 to get a quote. NB This is not a repair service.

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I will most certainly, and without hesitation, recommend you to all my friends, should they ever have the need of an excellent source of expertise, politeness and friendliness.
A real pleasure to know that you're "there" should I ever need help. by Keith Frettsome

I am a home user of Bryan's Data Programming. I was introduced to your company when a much larger and more well known company had no idea what was wrong with my PC. What impressed me about your company was the depth of knowledge of the staff combined with a friendly and efficient service. But what was even better was the price! Your services are incredibly good value for money for home users. When my PC threw a wobbly for its second time in its short life, I knew where to take it. Sure enough, the problem was quickly solved. Would I take it anywhere else in the future? Definitely not! by Scott Atkins

I am truly delighted with the service Bryan's Data Programming have provided me. Fast, professional, and up to date - great! by Joe Parsons

It is a pleasure to do business with such an efficient, friendly company. by John Smith