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Bryans Data Programming
Bryans Data Programming
Bryans Data Programming
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Disaster Recovery

The emergency exits are here, here and here!


No matter how many times you fly on a plane you are asked to pay close attention as you are taken through the safety ....[cont'd]

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Here at BDP we have new conference room facilities from which we run relevant seminars and workshops to give you extra information that can make a lot of difference. The sessions ru....[cont'd]


Disaster Recovery

The emergency exits are here, here and here!


No matter how many times you fly on a plane you are asked to pay close attention as you are taken through the safety procedures in the event of an emergency.

You would have to fly 10 hours, every day, for around 10,000 years straight - only in that amount of time would you be guaranteed to crash...so the chance is VIRTUALLY NIL.[1]

Procedures are rigorously adhered to and testing is relentless


The need to constantly review your IT backup and recovery strategy is just as important, if not more so when it comes to your IT systems at work.

The chances of having an IT system failure is ALMOST CERTAIN

Backup procedures securing vital information are often talked about but in reality are not carried out and testing is non existent 

Some SMEís take a look at the issue of IT Disaster recovery because it is a requirement of their insurance, but for many others their interest only becomes important after an emergency, which in reality is simply too late. Research and statistics show that:

1. 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster

2. 30% of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within a year. 70% fail within five years

Test yourself

To give yourself an idea of how ready you are to cope with major data loss, see how many of the following questions you know the answer to:

1. Do you carry out regular backups?

2. Do you ever test the backups to see if you can restore the data?

3. Do you keep a current backup off site?

4. How long would it take to rebuild a server or key computer?

5. Do you have a written policy for data recovery?

6. If so, how often do you test the policy?

7. Do you have copies of Product Keys, important Programme CDís?

8. How long would it take you to rebuild your entire system from scratch including acquiring new hardware?

9. If you use off-site backup how much time is required to restore?

10. Would your customers and suppliers feel vulnerable if your data was lost?

11. How much business would you lose?

Do yourself a favour, think these things through NOW. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but may not save your business.

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I will most certainly, and without hesitation, recommend you to all my friends, should they ever have the need of an excellent source of expertise, politeness and friendliness.
A real pleasure to know that you're "there" should I ever need help. by Keith Frettsome

I am a home user of Bryan's Data Programming. I was introduced to your company when a much larger and more well known company had no idea what was wrong with my PC. What impressed me about your company was the depth of knowledge of the staff combined with a friendly and efficient service. But what was even better was the price! Your services are incredibly good value for money for home users. When my PC threw a wobbly for its second time in its short life, I knew where to take it. Sure enough, the problem was quickly solved. Would I take it anywhere else in the future? Definitely not! by Scott Atkins

I am truly delighted with the service Bryan's Data Programming have provided me. Fast, professional, and up to date - great! by Joe Parsons

It is a pleasure to do business with such an efficient, friendly company. by John Smith