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If you have a question, please view our Frequently Asked Questions below to see if it has already been answered. If your question is not here then please feel free to use our Contact us form to make your enquiry.

Why can I not connect to the Internet?
When I turn on my PC it just keeps re-booting - Help me!
I've got this message on my screen, 'WARNING! Your Computer might be infected...Click here to buy the latest spyware removal software.' What should I do?

Why can I not connect to the Internet?
This could be due to a number of reasons but follow the list below for a sequence of events to eliminate the usual suspects, we assume you are using broadband or cable for your conection.
1.  Is the modem/ router switched on?
     a.  Check the lights on the front panel. Although lights and configurations vary depending on the manufacturer, most have a light to show
          i.  Power is on/ off
         ii.  Connected to a PC via RG45 Cat cable
        iii.  Connected via wireless connection
        iv.  Broadband or cable connection - usually flashing indicating broadband avaliable or steady indicating connection is made.
2.  Does the broadband provider have a problem? Usually you look on the website of the ISP to determine if they have a problem. Naturally if you cannot connect to the internet this is not an option. You could phone a friend and ask them to check the website for you or phone the ISP directly.
3.  Test to see if you are correctly connected to your modem/ router.
      a.  The light on the router is the first port of call (see 1. Above)
      b.  Try to communicate with the router by doing the following:
              i.  Click start,
             ii.  Select run
            iii.  Type CMD and press enter
            iv.  At the Prompt screen type 'ipconfig' and press enter then look for the default gateway address, which will read something similar to: '' (numbers vary depending on your router)
            v.  Type 'Ping' followed by whatever your default gateway address is e.g: '' and press enter
           vi.  If you get a reply from the address you can see the router/ modem
         vvi.  If you get a reply which has timed out or says destination unreachable you are not communicating with the router/ modem. Check cabling or wireless connection.
4.  Check for Virus/ spyware      

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When I turn on my PC it just keeps re-booting - Help me!

Again this can be due to a number of reasons, but here is a list of things you can try to resolve the issue. We assume you are working with Windows XP or newer operating system:

1.  Check there is no disk in the floppy drive or CD drive.
2.  Find the Operating CD and boot from this
     a.  Select repair option or command prompt
     b.  At the DOS prompt (black screen with flashing arrow head symbol) type CHKDSK/R and press enter
     c.  CHKDSK may take over an hour or more to complete so do not panic. When finished remove boot CD and try rebooting.
3. If either of these do not fix the problem you will need to seek outside help. Please click here to contact us if you do not wish to seek alternative help.

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I've got this message on my screen, 'WARNING! Your Computer might be infected...Click here to buy the latest spyware removal software.' What should I do?
This is almost certainly a fake message generated by spyware you have on your computer. Under no circumstances should you click on the link to purchase. Please do the following:
1.  Disconnect from the network and/or broadband
2.  Obtain a copy of Malwarebytes© (from malwarebytes.org) the free version is suitable. Or alternatively scan with your preferred anti malware product.
3.  Remove any infections found.
4.  Depending on the version of spyware you have you may need to recreate the user profile that was infected or modify the registry setting. To modify the regisry settings please call us on 0121 709 1010 for help.

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I will most certainly, and without hesitation, recommend you to all my friends, should they ever have the need of an excellent source of expertise, politeness and friendliness.
A real pleasure to know that you're "there" should I ever need help. by Keith Frettsome

I am a home user of Bryan's Data Programming. I was introduced to your company when a much larger and more well known company had no idea what was wrong with my PC. What impressed me about your company was the depth of knowledge of the staff combined with a friendly and efficient service. But what was even better was the price! Your services are incredibly good value for money for home users. When my PC threw a wobbly for its second time in its short life, I knew where to take it. Sure enough, the problem was quickly solved. Would I take it anywhere else in the future? Definitely not! by Scott Atkins

I am truly delighted with the service Bryan's Data Programming have provided me. Fast, professional, and up to date - great! by Joe Parsons

It is a pleasure to do business with such an efficient, friendly company. by John Smith